Brand Awareness

We do brand awareness  differently.

TV spots, infomercials, print ads have their place and do a decent job but consider this: first, we are not a PR firm or a press release middleman. We do not target the big splash, glitzy ad market. There are plenty of very qualified and prestigious marketing firms that do a terrific job of creating product “buzz”.

We focus on the next tier of product and brand reputation marketing: web search results.

In today’s distrustful and 2 second span of attention brand validation, it is important, vitally important, that your brand, your product, your reputation be “validated” with nothing but positive returns on a web search. No positive posts means no credibility. Big brand, small brand, known or unknown, it all comes down to what the 2 second search displays.

Your job is to build a quality product and to provide great customer service to avoid complaints. Our job is to keep the online perceptions of your product or brand positive, alive and current while mitigating or eliminating negative online references.

Your PR team, or if you do not have your own yet, we will discuss your goals and work alongside you should you wish to hire an agency. A PR agency relationship is not required for every business. It is an individual business decision. We will give you our input. You decide. We will keep your marketing afloat through continual monitoring, maintenance, and replenishing of positive content on thousands of websites and in hundreds of text and video directories.  We place solid content of your brand, your product, your name, online. Everywhere a search engine looks. The level of our syndication of the perception you wish to create is determined by you.