Team Celebrity

“My team is what makes me successful”.

Everyone has heard this, read this, saved it in their list of motivational quotes. It is a true statement worthy of being carved in stone, however the teams that day-to-day implement the grand plans are ignored more often than not with the PR focus placed on the most visible executive or the brand almost exclusively. This focus is fine and is necessary but there is another piece usually overlooked. Giving the team the status of a winner, of a “celebrity”.

Consider this. If your company, its brand, or your product, can be significantly enhanced and at the same time gain the added reputation positives of being “employee supportive”, “team empowering”, “a great place to work” would these positives elevate your industry’s and the consuming public’s impression of your brand to a higher level? Sure they would..(not to mention the enhanced potentials for decreased employee turnover, increased productivity, and a major incentive to supercharge innovation and creativity by your teams).

How do you get this “more bang for the buck”? We create a “celebrity status” within your product market area or industry for your team(s).

It comes down to this:

If your teams are perceived as highly regarded:

  • your company, its brands, and its executives all receive a positive perception boost;
  • your industry and the consuming public, will perceive them as more important, more professional, more “cutting edge”, but they will have achieved this next level with the same people doing the same things
  • all of which is exactly where and how you want them to be perceived.

This is Perception Syndication. Think about it.  Success loves speed. It’s all positive.