What We Do

How your product, service and reputation is perceived by your targeted audience is everything

  • You instruct us as to the brand, product, service or reputation you want to project and how deep you want it embedded online. Your requested perception is then syndicated nationally, regionally, locally or industry specific per your instructions.
  • Our market reach extends to more than 25,000 U.S. cities each week.
  • Each of your prospective new customers is seeking this year’s headline of their own success. We want them to see you in the best possible light. We promote your positives and conduct extreme management of online negatives.
  • Consumers, businesses or individuals, in big cities and small towns, are all seeking that product or specialized service that will push them forward to their particular goal. They buy from you because they believe purchasing your product will bring them closer to the achievement of their goal. We provide a valuable service by enhancing the public brand or reputation perception of your product,  service, team, or corporate individual.
  • Our services merge to achieve your project’s success by creating  a foundation of positive online search perception.
  • We work well with, and respect, your existing public relations or publicity team. Our motivation is the realization of your goal.

Team Celebrity

“My team is what makes me successful”.

Everyone has heard this, read this, saved it in their list of motivational quotes. It is a true statement worthy of being carved in stone, however the teams that day-to-day implement the grand plans are ignored more often than not with the PR focus placed on the most visible executive or the brand almost exclusively. This focus is fine and is necessary but there is another piece usually overlooked. Giving the team the status of a winner, of a “celebrity”.

Consider this. If your company, its brand, or your product, can be significantly enhanced and at the same time gain the added reputation positives of being “employee supportive”, “team empowering”, “a great place to work” would these positives elevate your industry’s and the consuming public’s impression of your brand to a higher level? Sure they would..(not to mention the enhanced potentials for decreased employee turnover, increased productivity, and a major incentive to supercharge innovation and creativity by your teams).

How do you get this “more bang for the buck”? We create a “celebrity status” within your product market area or industry for your team(s).

It comes down to this:

If your teams are perceived as highly regarded:

  • your company, its brands, and its executives all receive a positive perception boost;
  • your industry and the consuming public, will perceive them as more important, more professional, more “cutting edge”, but they will have achieved this next level with the same people doing the same things
  • all of which is exactly where and how you want them to be perceived.

This is Perception Syndication. Think about it.  Success loves speed. It’s all positive.

Brand Awareness

We do brand awareness  differently.

TV spots, infomercials, print ads have their place and do a decent job but consider this: first, we are not a PR firm or a press release middleman. We do not target the big splash, glitzy ad market. There are plenty of very qualified and prestigious marketing firms that do a terrific job of creating product “buzz”.

We focus on the next tier of product and brand reputation marketing: web search results.

In today’s distrustful and 2 second span of attention brand validation, it is important, vitally important, that your brand, your product, your reputation be “validated” with nothing but positive returns on a web search. No positive posts means no credibility. Big brand, small brand, known or unknown, it all comes down to what the 2 second search displays.

Your job is to build a quality product and to provide great customer service to avoid complaints. Our job is to keep the online perceptions of your product or brand positive, alive and current while mitigating or eliminating negative online references.

Your PR team, or if you do not have your own yet, we will discuss your goals and work alongside you should you wish to hire an agency. A PR agency relationship is not required for every business. It is an individual business decision. We will give you our input. You decide. We will keep your marketing afloat through continual monitoring, maintenance, and replenishing of positive content on thousands of websites and in hundreds of text and video directories.  We place solid content of your brand, your product, your name, online. Everywhere a search engine looks. The level of our syndication of the perception you wish to create is determined by you.

Personal Reputation Management

Success makes enemies.

It’s just the way business, and life, works. Reputation has always been the cornerstone of business and personal success. It is what we strive for, working hard to achieve, and once gained, to protect. Our reputation impacts not only us as individuals but those who work for us, sell to us, invest in our plans, and buy from us. Our families, friends, competitors – friendly and otherwise – our perceived standing in the industry we have selected to devote our life to, all view us through the same lens of perceived reputation.

But this is a dangerous time. In the online world anyone can post anything and immediately tarnish or even destroy a lifetime of dedicated good work. Type – enter – done,  you’re tarred with an undeserved untruth in a medium that never stops republishing on its own. This is where we come in.

Our other programs focus on products and brands, enhancing and protecting their online reputations while creating a solid foundation of trust and comfort in buying for the consumer.

The process in overcoming an attack on an individual’s reputation is very much different. Some basics are of course the same, but the process, the system, the how to actually get the negatives off page 1 and get the positives in front of the searching public, are significantly different.  Our system is proprietary and it works. For more information please contact us at your convenience.


Controlling A Crisis

If it hasn’t happened yet it will.

Business, brand, product, or personal reputation. Someone, somewhere will make an attempt to tarnish, or destroy, all you have worked for. All businesses, products and brands are targets. As an executive you are the most visible point person and a such have an increased risk potential on multiple levels including online reputation attack. If you are attacked successfully your company and its brands suffer as do you.

What to do? How to plan for, not a possibility but a probability?

Consider this. The stronger your online foundation of quality, integrity, reliability and trust, the less you will be damaged. In addition to our other services you’ve read about here in “What We Do”, “Team Celebrity”, and “Brand Awareness”, we provide an intensive, massive, and focused counterattack against the negative  online posts with quality positive articles, videos, an entire spectrum of online content, all focused on defeating the negatives and returning you to the norm.

How big is big? We can generate new, (and this is important) focused content at 25,000 postings per hour…indefinitely. The bad guys don’t have a chance.

You may not need this now, but keep this solution on your list. We hope it never happens to you, but the only constant in business is that it constantly changes.